• Aug 02

Chinatown Festival

The streets of Chinatown will come alive with lion dances, Chinese kung fu, music, Chinese dance, and a merchant market this weekend for the third annual Winnipeg Chinatown Street Festival, August 6 and 7.

  • Jul 20

Twenty-four Hour Patrols in Effect Tues-Sat

The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ wants theatregoers, concert lovers and sports fans who flock into the area at night to start seeing red in a big way — largely to combat people’s feelings they’re unsafe there in the black of night.

  • Jul 19

10 New Watch

Ten more Downtown Watch ambassadors are now patrolling downtown’s streets in the evenings, specifically around event destinations to create more feelings of safety among the increasing number of people coming downtown.

  • Jul 18

Event Safety Announcement

A new push to help evening event-goers feel more comfortable downtown will be announced on Tuesday, July 19 at 3pm in front of the MTS Centre located on Portage at Donald Street.

  • Jul 01

3,400 in Living Flag!

WINNIPEG’S LIVING FLAG SMASHES VICTORIA’S 2010 RECORD WITH 3,400 PEOPLE! PHOTOS HERE! WINNIPEG, MB–3,400 people showed their national pride Canada Day by standing shoulder to shoulder to form Canada’s biggest-ever Living Flag this morning in front of the Legislature, despite the …

  • Jun 28

Living Flag Challenge

MEDIA RELEASE June 28, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VICTORIA CHALLENGES WINNIPEG TO LIVING FLAG MATCH ON CANADA DAY DOWNTOWN WINNIPEG—Victoria has issued a challenge to Winnipeg’s first annual Canada Day Living Flag event to see which city can attract more …

  • Jun 23

City Council & BIZ Talk

An interactive tour and dialogue of our downtown on June 20, 2011 gave members of City Council a reenergized view of recent revitalization successes, and inner workings of the city centre.

  • Jun 22

Boutique Hotel Part of Development

A Quebec-based boutique hotel chain, called Groupe Germain, is about to add lustre to Winnipeg’s hipster credibility by building a boutique hotel across from the MTS Centre.

  • Jun 17

Lets Form a Living Flag!

MEDIA RELEASE June 17, 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DOWNTOWN BIZ INVITES HUNDREDS TO FORM A LIVING FLAG FOR CANADA DAY JULY 1 AT 10AM – FREE! WINNIPEG, MB—This Canada Day, hundreds of Winnipeggers are invited to come downtown, don red …

  • Jun 16

22 Buskers & Counting!

The BIZ kicked off a new initiative with the Portage Alive Busk Off, a busking competition for cash prizes, with the public voting on their favourite busker to win two tickets to an NHL game.