Yoga Public


If I told you 10 years ago that Winnipeg, yes Winnipeg, would be a mecca for yoga, would you have believed me?

Our downtown has become an amazing space to be healthy. There are walking trails, healthy restaurants, gyms, and one of the crowning jewels is Yoga Public. You can be as active as you want to be and never leave the heart of our city. You can also get all flexible and centered in one of the most beautiful yoga facilities in Canada.

The best part of Yoga Public is the staff. Hands down, they make the experience absolutely amazing. They greet you with a smile and a welcoming energy that is infectious. Actually, the best part of Yoga Public is how it smells, but I felt saying that first might sound weird, so we will stick with the amazing and attentive staff.

If you have never done yoga, don’t worry, the team is quick to remind you that they had their first class at one time too. If you are years into your practice, the little things Yoga Public does will take you to the next level. The complimentary tea, the ever present areas to simply sit and relax, and the dozens of people in the building looking to change their lives for the better create the perfect energy to be your best self.

Yoga Public has been purposeful in it’s growth. Everything has been done with a plan to create one of the nation’s best places to be healthy. They offer everything from personal training, to rehab services. If you give this team your trust, and commitment, you will be the healthiest version of you possible. If you have not yet gone to Yoga Public, I recommend them highly. Take a friend, take multiple friends, go have fun at a downtown hot spot(it’s funny because they do hot yoga).

Also, just wait till you see the change rooms… they’re beautiful! Beautiful change rooms literally set the tone to relax, at least for me.

-Jordan, OneFitCity, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s Ambassador of Health & Happiness. Follow @FitCityJordan for give aways, prizes, and yes, healthy living tips. Join the search for the soul of health, in the heart of the city.