Winnipeg Police Credit Union (WPCU)


For the first time in its almost 70-year history, the Winnipeg Police Credit Union has expanded, opening a new location in downtown Winnipeg.

As a credit union dedicated to servicing those who work in law enforcement, their friends and family, and the general public, the new location along the downtown skywalk is optimally convenient for those who work out of the new Public Safety Building and the local business crowd.

Founded in 1949, the Winnipeg Police Credit Union is a boutique-style financial institution that was started by police officers for police – run out of a metal cash box right in the police station in the early days – and it has since expanded to offer law enforcement-affiliates and the general public full-service banking.

While not entirely devoted to just law enforcement-related charity efforts and organizations, many of the company’s profits do go toward supporting police causes like The Winnipeg Police Museum, The Winnipeg Police Association’s Charity Ball (which supports the Children’s Hospital Foundation), The Winnipeg Police Veteran’s Association and the K-9 Unit calendars.

While the credit union developed to serve a niche, it has been able to hone its abilities to offer customized services for all of its members.

For instance, many are surprised to learn that WPCU offers full financial planning services, and that it is able to sell all third-party mutual funds in Canada.

In fact, in a 2017 member survey, WPCU’s customer service was ranked as one of the highest among financial institutions in the province.

If good customer service and supporting a vibrant law enforcement community are things that are important to you, WPCU could be the right fit.

Although a foreign concept to some, police-based credit unions are mirrored in other major centres like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Founded around the same time as others across the country, the WPCU began as simply a savings and loans institution, and evolved to offer competitive mortgage rates, full financial planning services, and has even kept up with the technological advances of modern banking.

With its expansion into the downtown, WPCU is able to offer its members the same full menu of financial assistance available at its main headquarters on William Avenue, right downtown.

Plus, as a member of a credit union, you are entitled to withdraw money from any credit union’s ATM, ding-free – giving you access to one of the largest networks of ATMs across the country, all without surcharges.

For more information, visit WPCU at 230-266 Graham Ave. in the skywalk, or visit