White Pine Bicycle Co.


For Brendan McAndrew, setting up White Pine Bicycle Co., a shop specializing in city bicycles, in Winnipeg’s tourism hub was a no-brainer.

“I like tourist destinations – a place that’s accessible to everyone,” describes McAndrew. “Instead of having the standalone bike shop that usually sits on a busy street, (I was) targeting places that are really active that sort of have that character to them, and I think Johnston Terminal has that.”

After testing a kiosk location at The Forks, selling 40 bikes the first summer, McAndrew heard there was a permanent space in Johnston Terminal, and snatched it up, taking possession in the fall of 2015. Since then, the shop’s grown its space and welcomed new neighbours like Oak + Oar and WAG at The Forks, giving it even more presence at the prominent destination spot.

For now, White Pine has even held on to its outdoor kiosk for visibility, and runs a bike rental service for both the summer and winter months. In winter, renting out fat bikes has proven especially lucrative, allowing tourists or locals to test their true winter hardiness.

Though offering rentals suits the tourism hotbed, White Pine’s bread and butter is its customizable city bikes. Many complete single speed and fixed gear bikes and cruisers are on display within the shop and online, but it’s White Pine’s willingness to let you choose a frame then select the wheels, seat, handlebars, grip, etc. to accompany it, for a flat fee of $70, that really sets it apart.

Born out of his own difficulty to find a simple and durable new single-speed bike he could use to train on to get back into cross-country racing, McAndrew focuses White Pine’s business on the commuting and cruising crowd.

Offering reliable and reasonably affordable city bikes that are customizable has been enough to set White Pine apart – but McAndrew has big plans to introduce more bikes manufactured for the White Pine brand, to add to its already strong brand support. “(Branded merchandise) is one of the things that really helps us get through the winter months,” adds McAndrew.

Since the age of 18, McAndrew’s been at the helm of his own business, starting out with jet ski sales. Starting White Pine shortly after came naturally to the now 24-year-old: “once I knew how to register a business and do all the steps that it took, it was a lot easier because I had already jumped through these hoops,” he says.

White Pine Bicycle Co. is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.