There is something about finishing a tough workout that is unbelieveably rewarding. When that workout is led by an expert, it’s gratifying, and you know it hit all the priorities of health. That’s where MORFIT comes in to play.

They just opened up downtown, and what they opened up is a thing of beauty. As the Ambassador of Health and Happiness I have to remain neutral, but it’s just so hard when I walk into a gym and it’s beautiful. Having spent the last 15 years training pro athletes at the highest levels, I know my way around a gym. Believe me, this is a nice one. Kettlebells, ropes, bands, turf, sleds, and all of the weights make me super happy. MORFIT has that, machines, classes and more.

Stuart Klassen is the fearless leader at MORFIT. His dedication to the craft of personal training, and getting fitness results is very apparent when you walk into his gym. The team he has surrounded himself with all love health and fitness. This facility is the place I’d send my friends. The downtown location is their second location and opening location number two speaks to their “fan base” and the fact that they do gyms well. They have had success for years, and their business model is client centric.

Before I “gush” too much about one business, I’ll stop myself. All you need to do is go down and meet the team, you’ll see what all the noise is about. They’ve got a lot of options for classes, personal training, and therapy. As a bonus, MORFIT is offering the first month at the gym completely free for you to try.

The easiest first step is to go meet them, from there, I hope you find you home to work on your fitness in downtown Winnipeg. Your fittest you is waiting, and MORFIT can get you there safely, and effectively… it is literally what they do; they make you MORFIT.

Staffed hours: Monday to Friday 6:30am-6pm and Saturday 11am-5pm

You can get into MORFIT Downtown any time that you can get into CityPlace. The St. Mary’s doors (Boston Pizza) open at 6:30 Monday to Friday and at 9:30 on the weekend. The Hargrave doors are open until the Shark Club closes (2am every day).

-Jordan, OneFitCity, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s Ambassador of Health & Happiness. Follow @FitCityJordan for give aways, prizes, and yes, healthy living tips. Join the search for the soul of health, in the heart of the city.