The Magic Room Spa


After over 50 years, there’s still magic on Edmonton Street.

Longtime business The Magic Room (originally opened on Kennedy Street) is credited for debuting many of today’s prevalent spa services and popularizing manicures and facials in Winnipeg.

The business is since under new ownership, but operating under the same name – Erika Giannini, a longtime client of The Magic Room, is now at the helm, building off original owner Iris Pollock’s legacy.

After finishing a master of business administration abroad, Giannini moved back to Winnipeg and was pulled to a familiar place.

For more than 15 years, she’s been a client of The Magic Room, drawn to the convenience of the urban spa.

“I studied at the University of Winnipeg and worked in cosmetics at The Bay downtown, so it was always sort of in walking distance,” says Giannini, of the revered spa.

As fate would have it, just as Giannini was planning her next move, Pollock had undertaken a massive renovation to the spa’s second floor space, modernizing all 6,000-plus square feet.

Knowing that Pollock likely wanted to see the spa continue, Giannini expressed interest in purchasing the spa and convinced Pollock the timing was right.

Since then, the name, staff and services have remained relatively unchanged at The Magic Room – with a few surprises in the works.

“This has always been the flagship and the largest one,” says Giannini, of Magic Room’s former satellite locations. Pollock and Giannini agreed the name would carry on at this location, and Giannini plans to build on the spa’s history.

“This was the first facial, nail, slash everything salon in the city,” says Giannini. “It was always the first one doing everything, and at affordable prices.”

This proven 50-year strategy will stay the course at Magic Room, with a sharpened focus on the retail side of the business. Plus, The Magic Room may soon be extra bridal party-friendly, as plans are in motion to become licensed to accommodate the celebratory pampering ritual.

Renovations will soon be in the works for the main level retail as well – adding to the ease of popping in for what you need on a work break.


“We do have the downtown employees that can walk to us and we are walk-in-friendly, so it’s perfect,” says Giannini.

“We know everyone’s time-poor these days. People don’t even have time to make the appointment.

“If you have time to indulge, great. If you don’t, we get you in right away and get you out on your way.”

The Magic Room is open Monday to Saturday at 264 Edmonton St. Visit for more information on its services.