Chante Lingerie Boudoir Boutique


If you’ve ever felt excluded from shopping at a lingerie store, Chanté Lingerie on Vaughan Street might be just the place for you.


Named after Ru Paul’s term of endearment for drag queen contestants on his TV show, Chanté welcomes women and men of all sizes to don whatever style of unmentionables they’re after.

Carrying sizes extra-small to 6X in women’s negligees; a provocative line of male underwear, Andrew Christian; and statement stilettos up to a size 16, Chanté is an inclusive place to find something that makes you feel good in your body.

“I try not to carry stuff that you can find across the street,” describes owner Denise Prazinak, of her neighbour, The Bay.


Between underwear that gives your booty and hips a boost with some extra padding, breast forms, garters, and vintage-inspired swimsuits, Chanté certainly supplements The Bay’s intimates section.

Finding a niche with LGBT* customers, Chanté is active in the community as a member of the LGBT* Chamber of Commerce, and is involved with the Winnipeg Pride Festival.

“We have a lot of (customers) that are transitioning,” says Prazinak.

“They want a place where they can feel comfortable coming here.

“Where you don’t have to be like, ‘I’m getting a bra for my wife.’”

Prazinak’s inspiration for opening the shop came from witnessing the struggles some of her friends had searching for drag getups or sexy male underwear.


“They know about (Andrew Christian) but there’s nowhere to buy it in Winnipeg,” says Prazinak. Rather than taking risks shopping online, Prazinak’s customers are able to buy these coveted brands in person from a local expert.

Prazinak is also filling many voids for women. Bras with bold patterns and bright colours aren’t restricted to the small-chested set; her lines run all the way up to an H cup, and don’t come with the usual extra-heavy price tag.

As a boutique, Chanté also features many high-fashion pieces, stocking modern and vintage silhouettes from UK designers that are original (and memorable) for special occasions.

Moving from a small space in the Exchange District to her 1,300 sq. ft. storefront on Vaughan, Prazinak has been open downtown since May 2016 – all since leaving a government gig to work at a lingerie shop in Selkirk, finding she loved it.

Open every day but Sunday, Prazinak more than anything wants people to feel free to “come get what you need” at Chanté.

“It’s for everybody.”

Located at 255 Vaughan St., Chanté Lingerie is open Monday to Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays.